Back To My Room

They have finished the rewiring of the office building; my room is now ready for use. All the lights are functioning and are turned on. The air-conditioner is working well and powerfully cold. Though there is this pungent smell of a wet paint, it is not here to stay. The wires are now concealed in plastered walls and ceiling. Everything looks just beautiful and well done.

It is time to move back to my room and begin my work here. I had not worked here for almost a month now, though I had often frequented it. But I had not resorted to relaxation and empty talks on any single day. Instead, I had my working space in the staffroom as an alternative and I was fully occupied. It is just not right to stop working just because of circumstances. Work is work and we are paid to do our work.

Now that I am back to my own table and chair, there is this sense of belonging, and this feeling of lightness and freedom. Everything is back to normal now. Now I can do what I am used to do, and reorganize my work. Everything I need is readily at hand; there is no need to rush and hurry as before. Once again I can stretch my arms, hum a song or drink my tea in peace whenever I want. Once again I can take off my shoes and let the feet feel the cold cement floor. Oh! It is really nice to have my room back.

I presume every one of us needs our own space to work. Mine is a common room and more to a storeroom. Here are the file cabinets and office storage cabinets. Here are the Photostat machine and the washroom. Here they keep every office supplies and equipments possible. And for your information, here is the only route to the toilets and another two washrooms.

Sometimes, strangers and visitors pass by, greet and tease us while shaking their heads, laughing and smiling away. Sometimes, we do grumble inside. But it doesn’t matter; it is still a good place to work. Of course, if possible, I would like to have a private room, a room where I can escape from prying eyes and ears, away from rumor-mongers and muck-spreaders, and those grievers and mourners around. But as it is, we don’t demand changes just because of self-gratification; instead we adapt ourselves to whatever circumstances possible, work hard and earn our pay.

The room is still in a mess. There are still things to get ready before I can enjoy my workplace. But there is no need to hurry. It is not the amount of work we can do that matters. Rather, it is the quality time we spend to do our work.

I take another look at my room. I am satisfied.

Gone is the electrical blackout.

Hopefully this time is for good.



May 8, 2010 at 5:20 PM

Your outlook on your environment helped me greatly to change the irritation for some inconvenience of my own space to work into the gratitude for having that space. Therefore Art by Tomas sends best wishes to you.