Away From The Old Me

I just wanted to be ordinary,

So that no one would take notice of me.

I just wanted to stay in the background,

Lingered quietly for a little while,

Remained obscure and anonymous.


I never knew it could be like this,

When I first appeared on the stage of life.

So much exposure in the limelight,

So much acting and overacting.

It was not me! It was not the real me!


I couldn't live like this anymore!

I badly needed some rest.

Away from the crowd,

Away from the surrounding people.


Appeared everyday on the live show,

My mind wandered and I couldn't think straight anymore,

My heart was dead and cold.

As I moved along more and more,

I was like a walking corpse,

Though no one paid much attention.


Time to step back for a while,

Time to disappear into the dark.

Casting quite a long shadow,

Under the yellow neon street lights,

The shadow continued to move and turn,

As I moved with slow and deliberate steps.


It was dark and cold,

Windy and rainy at the same time.

But it cleared my mind and my heart,

In the way that I least expected.


As I walked through the dark alley,

To the other side of the street.

The rain stopped,

The wind died.

But my heart was warm,

My way was bright,

And my steps were light.


Away from cold people,

Away from scrutinizing eyes,

Away from blank faces,

Away from the old me........

I finally laughed and cried,

As the other world greeted me with happy smiles.


  Mister LLama

April 2, 2010 at 3:52 PM

Very well said sir. Sometimes we really need to change the way we are. Leave the old and be ready to walk forward and meet the new you.=)

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April 2, 2010 at 4:45 PM

I love this makes me keep on coming back and reread your're such an adorable writer and you're inspiring me a lot! ;)