What Can You Give Us?

Some of us love to receive more than give.

They will try every conceivable way to get what they want from others.


Some of us use authority, power, and position.

They order and direct others to get what they want.

I was told of a certain person who lost all his friends, fellow workers and subordinates the moment he retired.

No one wanted to come near him anymore. Everyone just deserted him, avoided him when they happened to see him from afar, turned their faces away if they were close, and turned down his invitation to a drink or a gathering.

People hated him because of his strong-arm techniques; he had arm-twisted them into doing what he wanted. People mumbled and grumbled because they were forced to have long working hours and countless weekend sacrifices.

They missed the family joy and love, the happy hours, the weekend shopping sprees, and the holiday retreats. They yearned to meet up with their loved ones and make up for their losses.

He had got all he wanted, but everyone suffered under him.

Now that he was gone, everyone jumped up cheering.

But he lost all he had the moment he retired.

He was then made to realize that he was a loner and a loser.


Some of us use deception and trickery.

They put on nice and pretty faces, and use very sweet smiles and pleasant personality.

They behave very friendship, kind and helpful, and look very caring and loving.

These people just know when and how to ask for favors.

They know how to coerce and encourage others to do what they want.

They are smart and sleek without appearing overly pretentious.

Sometimes they employ divide and rule tactics and politics, if they can’t obtain the favor they need.


Some of us are considerate, generous and forgiving.

We share all we have and we give abundantly.

We are sensitive and sympathetic to those in need.

And we assist whenever and wherever possible.

We are truthful, helpful and loving,

And we forgive others for their wrong doings,

And we forget all the harm we have received.


They are various kinds of people in the world.

They all have their needs and wants.

Some they do on their own.

Some they depend on others.


There are many different ways to get what we want from others.

And we have employed many of them.

But it is the man inside that people see.

And they will judge us according to our means, methods, and motives.


Some of us are truthful, helpful and loving.

They do things from a sincere heart.

But some of us are authoritative, manipulative, and deceptive.

They force, coerce and trick others into doing what they want.

But ultimately all will be revealed and discovered when the time is ripe.

There will be joy, love, peace, and hope.

Or there will be quarrels, fights, walkouts, and resignations.

Everyone and everything will either be built up or broken down.

And It is seldom a good and happy ending.


How have you helped others?

What can you do for others?

Questions like these seldom come inside us.

How have others helped you?

What can others do for you?

This is always what people want.

This is always what we desire.


Favor is to be given.

Good work is to be done.

And what we have received is to be shared in turn.

Freely you give, freely you receive,

It is always this faithful saying.

Give and share all we have and can,

Give and share all that is good, loving and true.

It makes life better for everyone,

And it makes this world a better place.



April 14, 2010 at 10:06 PM

You are right when a person who uses arm twisting techniques retire, people will rejoice.

When you keep coercing others to do what you want, eventually, you lose all your friends.

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