The Heat Is Killing Me

It was a Saturday morning and it was nice and cool.

Traffic was few and far between.

It would be nice to have a family outing or trip.

But I had replacements classes today.

And I was on my way to work.......


Upon reaching the school and entering my office, I found out that I had not brought my spectacles with me.

I had to make a trip home.

Traffic was slowly picking up and the road was getting busy.

Driving these days is difficult with many reckless drivers and speeders.

Maneuvering vehicle in tight spaces in congested areas is always risky but there is no other alternative.

Any way, I arrived safely home.

I got hold of my spectacles, and I then made a second trip to work.


As I walked along the alley of the office, an older colleague told me that the air-con was down.

Oh! I sighed to myself, knowing fully well how a stuffy, dusty, hot and humid room would smell and feel.

As I entered the common room, a colleague was sweating profusely and complaining.

I smiled to myself; a heated room was indeed a big deal to many people.

But getting stressed up was no use.

It was better to just keep still and stay cool.

I got to my workplace and switched on my laptop.

A little prayer and meditation might help......


Getting into my work was not easy, but became easier with time.

I began to enjoy my work and forgot about the heat.

More colleagues were leaving the place.

Some had gone for a long while.

I was sweating too.

I tried to enjoy the thought and sensation of sweating.

It had been quite sometime that I had not sweated in this office.

It would be nice to have a thorough sweat, I said to myself and chuckled.


A good Samaritan came.

He was our office assistant, a Jack of all trade and a master of many.

It was rather difficult to find dedicated and loyal workers like him these day.

It was the switch that had tripped, he told me.

He then reset it and switched on the air-con again.

To everyone relief, it worked perfectly.

Everyone started to smile and laugh happily from ear to ear.


I was very appreciative of the office assistant who had saved the day.

Sometimes things look easy, but not for everyone around.

And that was the thrill and joy of living together in a small community, and working as a team.

What we need is just a little kindness, patience and understanding with one another.


God is not found in the storm.

We need not complain or seek troubles all the time.

God speaks through His still small voice in everyone of us.

....... if only we can hear it.

The heat is killing me......

....... not not for long.

I smiled.



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