The Power Of The Amazing Servant

Mark 1:23-34

When the Lord Jesus Christ preached and taught in the synagogue on a Sabbath morning, He caused a stir!


The people were left astonished and amazed by His word and His works.


He Has Power Over Demons (23-28)

As the Lord Jesus Christ preached, He was interrupted by a demon possessed man.

The demon caused the man to scream.

The demon also declared his awareness of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus rebuked the demon and freed the possessed man from the demon’s grip.


He Has Power Over Disruptions (29-31)

When the services were over, the Lord Jesus Christ went home with Peter and Andrew.

When they arrived at Peter’s house, they found his mother-in-law sick with a fever.

Her fever had left her incapacitated and unable to prepare the noon meal for the family.

They told the Lord Jesus Christ about the sickness.

The Lord Jesus Christ walked over and healed Peter’s mother-in-law.

She got up and went to get the meal ready.


He Has Power Over Diseases (32-34)

The Lord Jesus Christ and his 4 new followers spent the afternoon relaxing.

When the sun went down and the Sabbath was over, the people showed up to the Lord Jesus Christ for healing.

The people were suffering from every imaginable disease and affliction.

None of them posed a problem for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed every affliction that came His way.


The people came from all classes of life.

But the Lord Jesus Christ received them all.

He never turned anyone away.


But man’s greatest need is not the healing of the body.

Man's greatest need is the healing of the soul!

Man is a sinner by birth.

Man is doomed to Hell by his sin.

Man has only one hope.

And His name is Jesus.

If Man will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, He will instantly, perfectly and permanently heal him.

He will save his soul.

He will make him a new creature.

He will give him a brand new life.

He will adopt him into His family.

He will make him a child of God.


When the people saw the Lord Jesus Christ casting out demons and healing diseases, they were amazed at His power.


The Lord Jesus Christ still has the same power today.

He can still deliver us from the grip of the devil!

He can still handle all the disruptions of our lives.

He can still cure the diseases that ail us.


If we want to be free, we must come to Him!

If we need healing, we must come to Him.

If we need to be saved, we must come to Him.

And if He has spoken to our hearts and reminded us of where our needs to be, we must come to Him!


Come! Come to Him now!