The Temptation Of The Servant

Mark 1:12-13

As soon as the Lord Jesus Christ was baptized, the Spirit of God moved on Him in a strong manner and led Him into the wilderness to be tested.


The Timing Of His Temptation (12)

The trial the Lord Jesus Christ faced in the wilderness occurred just as His baptism was completed.


The Territory Of His Temptation (12)

The Lord Jesus Christ was sent into the wilderness to do battle with the devil on his own territory.

The wilderness represented everything that was evil and separated from God.


The temptation of Jesus served three purposes:
  • The devil found out just who he was dealing with.
  • The Son experienced the Father's ability to take care of Him.
  • We can see that there is help for us when we face our own times of testing.


The Trials Of His Temptation (12-13)

The Leadership

The Spirit of God is the One Who caused the Lord Jesus Christ to go into the wilderness.

God will send us into periods of testing to help us grow in the Lord.


The Loneliness

In that wilderness, the Lord Jesus Christ was cut off from friends and family.

He was shut off for a time so that He might be tested.

His only companions were the wild beasts, the angels and the devil.


The Length

This time of testing lasted 40 days.

The number 40 is a number associated with testing.

The Lord Jesus Christ fasted those 40 days.

He was in close communion with His Father.

He was getting ready for the battle.


The Load

The Lord Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan.

He was attacked by the devil during the entire 40 day period.


The Testimony Of The Temptation (13)

The Lord Jesus Christ won a great victory over Satan in that temptation.

The temptation of the Lord Jesus Christ proved that He is the sinless Son of God.


How can we obtain victory in our own battle?

We need to be sure that we are living lives that are controlled by the Spirit of God and filled with the Word of God.

We need to be sure that we are in a personal faith relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


We all need help from the Lord God.

He is waiting to save us if we are lost.

He is waiting to strengthen us if we are weak.

He is waiting to forgive us if we have fallen.


Let us draw near to our God.