Will Jesus Come Again?

2 Pet. 3:1-9 (NIV)

More than 2,000 years ago, the Lord Jesus Christ walked upon this earth.

He was God in the flesh.

He came to this world to live a perfect life and to die a perfect death.

He came to make a sinful people perfect and to give them eternal life.


After He died and rose again, He returned to His Father.

Before He left, He made the promise to come again.


Many people doubted the truth of His promise.


The apostle Peter had to deal with a doubting crowd.

He had to handle their objections and provide genuine hope for all those that believe the Lord Jesus Christ would come again.


His Coming Is Doubted (3:3-4)

The apostle Peter sheds some light on the nature of the doubters.

They are called scoffers.

They delight in making fun of the Word of God.

They make light of God’s coming judgment.

They look back over the years and conclude that He hasn’t returned.

Therefore there is no reason to believe He will.


His Coming Is Determined (5-7)

Peter tells us that the critics "deliberately forget."

They have a very limited vision.

They fail to remember that God is in control of the universe.

He can do as He pleases, and He will do exactly what He says!


Peter gives three instances when God has, and will, stepped into time and changed the world: the formation of the world, the flood in Noah’s day, and the fire that is to come.


The return of the Lord Jesus Christ is a certain event.

The scoffers can have their laugh.

But God will keep His promise.

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming again!


His Coming Is Delayed (3:8-9)

God doesn’t view time as man does.

God is totally unaffected by time.


God is a God of order.

He has a purpose in everything He does.


Why does God delay His return?

He tarries to give lost men an opportunity to make things right with Him.


The final decision lies on our shoulders.

We must repent of our sins and receive Him into our lives.

God is waiting for us to come to Him!


God’s delay is to give us the opportunity to repent.

Will we do it?

God will not wait forever.


It is a fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming again!

He is returning for a people who are ready to meet Him.

He delays His return because He loves us and doesn’t want us to die lost.

He tarries to give us an opportunity to repent and to turn to Him.

This is an offer based totally in His love.


Are we ready to receive Him?


The world can scoff and they can mock.


But when He comes, will we be taken to Him, or will we be found lost, judged and sentenced to Hell?


God has already made His decision.

He loves us and has made a way for us to be saved.

Now, we have to make our own decision.

What will it be, Heaven or Hell?

What will we do with the Lord Jesus Christ?



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