Telling A Lie

Have you ever tell a lie? Have you ever tell a lie that you would later regret? How can you stop a liar from habitually lying to you?

Many of us have a hard time dealing with lies and deceptions. Some of us are trying ways and means to recognize liars and cheaters to run away from them.

We seek true friends and true love. But the issues of rampant lies and deceptions make us weary and adversely affect our mood, behavior and emotion to want to cultivate good friendship and relationship, and to build up trust.

Sometimes we are puzzled why it is so easy for people to tell lies after lies. They have no qualms of conscience and no sense of shame.

For them, the first lie comes just too easily, and subsequent lies will come naturally. They have very quickly become habitual liars and cunning deceivers. From then on, they just don't hesitate to lie anymore. Sad to say, many of us have fallen preys to their mischief and trickery.

It is easy to lie but not easy to cover a lie. It is easy to tell a lie but hard to tell only one lie. To tell the first lie, we need to cover it with a second lie. To cover the second lie, we need a third lie. To cover the third lie, we need a fourth lie. And we will lie and lie until we are discovered and uncovered, or until we are fed up of lying.

It is never okay to tell a lie, no matter its size or content. A lie is something concocted to deviate from telling the truth. And we have the right to tell only the truth and not any lie. It is always wrong to tell a lie.

But sometimes people say, “You can tell a lie as long as you do not hurt people. Lies add spice to our lives"

But how do you know? When people are hurt, they don't necessarily tell you. Besides, word does build up or tear down, and help or harm a person. Word will either encourage or bring comfort to us, or it will bring despair and distress. It is better not to assume things. In fact, you wouldn't be happy with your pack of lies. Instead, you will be haunted by it all the time.

But sometimes people say, "You must not hesitate to tell a lie if you can save a life. It is actually not a bad thing to tell a lie in order to do a good deed." In other word, it is the ends that justify the means.

I have no answers to this kind of reasoning. I only hope that God will be pleased with me and my doings in the Judgment Day.

But I am against people who will not hesitate to tell a lie in order to shift the blame onto the other party and save their own skins. These people will not hesitate to tell a lie to better themselves and to demean others. As long as they look good, nothing else mattered.

In conclusion, I would say, "Please do not lie. To tell a lie unintentionally is a mistake. To intentionally tell a lie is stupid. And please do not bluff. The truth will eventually come out. No use to be too defensive."

It is better to tell the truth. It makes life easier, happier, simpler, and more enjoyable.

Please don't lie before people see through your lies.

Have a nice day.


  Papa Sez

March 13, 2010 at 9:41 PM

I agree completely about not telling a lie. In the game of lying or cheating, I feel I'm always of disadvantaged as I cannot get over the uneasy feeling, guilt maybe. That's why I abhor those who have no qualms about lying and cheating. I'm still wondering how they can do it without blinking.


March 13, 2010 at 11:21 PM

Some people truly are habitual lyers. I don't know how you treat that; but they don't make good friends and do need help.

I agree with most of what you're saying. Sometimes, sometimes it is ok to tell a lie to save a person's feelings. Sometimes it's ok to tell a lie when a loved one is dying and you're trying to make them comfortable. Sometimes, but one needs to be very very careful to make sure that decision is correct before hand.

Always interesting, been too long since you've been by for a visit.

Look forward to seeing you again.

Bridge and Beyond


March 14, 2010 at 1:23 AM

For people who lied after lie, there come a time they do not know if they are telling the truth or not..