Holding You In Our Heart

I remembered we did not own a vehicle at that time. We had our evening walk after our dinner to the town 1 km away. You preferred to walk, and you would not beg for us to carry until you were really tired. Then the rain came and the distant thunder sounded. You never grumbled or complained, but you dared the rain and continue your journey home. Oh children, we were very proud of you.

I remembered we had to hold the handle for you as you steadied yourselves on your bicycle. Then we pushed the bicycle while you learned to peddle. You giggled and laughed as you slowly learned the art. But then, you wanted us to let go of our hands. We refused but you insisted with your terribly loud screams. We had to let go of our hands and saw you fell. It really hurt to see you suffered and cried. We dared not laugh at you. Still you got angry and hit us. We had to console you and massage you. Then we held the bicycle's handle again and you happily peddled again. You had a nice sleep that night while our back ached.

I remembered we had to help to hold the pencil every time you learned to write. Your writing was terrible and your book was full of holes. Sometimes you were so hot temper. Sometimes you were so lazy. Sometimes you spilled your food and drink everywhere. We had to learn to be patient with you. It was not easy, but you were our children. We loved you and strived our best to teach you.

Everytime when you went to school, we would walk with you, carrying your school beg. We had to hold umbrella for you. We had to hold your hand. Sometimes you complained we walked too slowly, and that you might be late for school. We smiled in our heart and promise ourselves to tell you when you had grown up.

Now that you have grown up, you learn to do everything on your own.

Two of you have gone to college and university.

We have nothing to hold for you, only our hand phone.

We wish you well, our children.

And we continue to hold you in our heart, until we can hold you in our arms again.



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August 15, 2009 at 9:13 PM

reading this post gave me goosebumps, being a parent myself I know how it feel.