Strive To Live

All living things strive to survive, through propagation and dispersal, including humans, plants, and wildlife.

And we are to take protective, proactive, and corrective measures as we strive to survive in our life times.

It is the nature of life. To live we must be alive.

If we and other animals did not strive to survive, we would not survive because we all compete for the same food and resources.

So in the face of adversity, we must refuse to give up. We must always rise above to become survivors.

And if we are enduring a trial now, we must be ready to face it with courage, determination and conviction.

If we have recently made it to the other side of an obstacle, we can rejoice and shout that we are a survivor.

All plants need sunlight, water and soil in order to grow. Some wild plants have no rich soil to hold their roots. It seems impossible for them to survive. However, they still grow well, although the environment is not inviting at all.

We should strive to survive like these wild plants. Life is full of obstacles and difficulties, we should stand strong and face our problems bravely. We have to face many challenges in our daily lives and it is only with hard work and courage that we could succeed.

The ground is full of rocks and rubbish which is not suitable for a plant to grow. Just like us, even though we may not be provided with all the things we need, we should try our very best to get hold of them with our own effort. We will have a bright future if we can work independently and overcome all difficulties positively.

Remember, a plant or animal becomes extinct when the last living individual of its species dies, causing it to vanish from the earth forever.


We should not only strive to survive. We must also strive for much more than survival. We must strive to make a meaningful impact, to unlock our opportunities and to make the most of them. We must strive for meanings in life.

We must strive to progress and thrive on challenges. We must be vibrant, determined and motivated. Our purpose is to create a brighter future for generations to come. And we must believe that we have the power to achieve it.

Every day we must actively strive to progress, reaffirm ourselves and realize ambitious goals.

Our goal in life is to constantly strive to progress while having fun and enjoying ourselves on the way.

In short it is the desire, discipline & dedication in our strive to make us succeessful in life.

Let us be committed and always strive to succeed at everything we do.



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