The Rise and Fall of a Morning Star

It was late afternoon when my family and I decided to scout for delicious food available during the fasting month for the Muslims.

The weather was fine. And the traffic was not heavy.

We were hungry after the afternoon nap.

Besides, it was the school's one week break.

We arrived at a park where there were lots of Malay hawker stalls.

My wife and my younger daughter went happily to the stalls while I enjoyed a stroll in the park.

There I saw one of the ex-students of my school.

He was lying down on a bench, sleeping soundly.

And he looked really dirty. I believed he had not taken any bath for the past few days.

Then it was drizzling.

I watched him for sometime.

He didn't even move.

I thought he was dead and I was concerned.

Then I saw him wipe his face a couple of times, but continued his sleep.

I didn't know what has gone into him.

I remembered he was a smart boy, very inquisitive and cheerful.

And he was always ready with a sweet and innocent smile.

But...... he had refused to come to school anymore.

I didn't know his family.

And I didn't know what had happened to him had anything to do with his family.

But there he was, lying on a stony bench.

He looked really tired.

He must have been exhausted from the way he slept.

I was told that he worked hard everyday.

He would help anyone who needed assistance.

In return, he would be paid in money or in kind.

Someone told me that he had become slightly crazy or weird.

But he was approachable and adorable sometimes.

And He was lovable and kind.

Nearby, an excavator was digging the land to extend the market place.

But the loud sound didn't wake him up at all.

A few passersby took note of him and mentioned something to their family or friends.

But no one went near him.

I didn't know what had happened to him.

I didn't see any future in him in his present circumstances.

He should be in his mid 20s.

He should be able to decide for himself.

Each year we see many prospective students.

Some work hard for their future.

Some quit because of family problems.

Others give up for personal reasons.

But I didn't know about this boy...

But what I saw today was the rise and fall of a morning star...



August 29, 2009 at 8:46 AM

Many more will fall while the world just stands and watch.


August 29, 2009 at 10:21 AM

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  Mikes Sumondong

August 29, 2009 at 4:38 PM

What I am interested in is what you did to help the young boy? when everything didn't even bother to go near him, did you?

Blessings to him and to you!


September 1, 2009 at 8:47 AM

I have seen many bright kids fall by the wayside. It is sad. Life is complicated and it is impossible to save everyone. You do what you can and make sure your family is taken care of. But through education, you provide the greatest hope and opportunity for many. Good luck.

  Christa Bledsoe

September 3, 2009 at 5:06 PM

Its true gray and it is very sad :(