Is It Our Nature?

It was pouring cat and dog when we were in the middle of the journey to fetch our son from the airport. The rainstorm came as a blessing to all after weeks of scorching hot sunshine and warm temperatures.

The authority was prepared to carry out cloud seeding if the situation prolonged.

People everywhere were complaining about the drought.

Some were complaining of headaches and giddiness. Some were sweating profusely and unable to do their daily routine. Some couldn't concentrate on their works for long without getting tired and worn out.

The drought badly affected those who were having sinus and migraine headaches due to the change of weather.

Everyday, less and less people would go for a walk, jog, or do exercises. The heat was just unbearable, and there was no wind.

Everyday everyone was just complaining.

And now come the heavy downpour. Everyone is smiling and laughing again.

But they will start to mourn and wail again when the wet and cold weather continues.

They will worry about landslides and mudslides. They will be fearful of floods and thunderstorms. They will feel uneasy when they can't get out of the house and enjoy their outdoor activities. They will be disturbed when their daily supplies run out and when the clothes will never get dry.

It is common knowledge that we complain a lot.

But why? Is it because of our nature?