Who Do You Serve?

Everywhere you go, there is aways a crowd pf people serving different interests.

Some live to serve their family. They spend so much effort and time improving their living standard. They emphasize the welfare and benefits of their family. To them, family comes first; all others can wait.

Some live to serve their career needs and interests. They strive and struggle to perfect their skills and enrich their knowledge and understanding of their core business. Successful career means so much to them. To them, work comes first; all others can wait.

Some live to serve their hobbies and interests. They are so engrossed and involved in adding their collections and study them. They live to enjoy their leisure. To them, leisure means everything; all others can wait.

Some live to serve their God. They delve deep into the understanding of the holy book and practices. They live a holy life and constantly eager to share their beliefs. To them, God is everything; all others can wait.

Some live to serve themselves. Their family, their work, their hobbies and interests, and their God mean nothing to them when they interfere with their life. To them, their needs and wants come first; all others can wait.

Some realize their mistakes and seek to change courses. Those workaholics tend to be more homely. Those home makers start to work to make ends meet. Those who spend so much time enjoying themselves want to have a family and a steady income. And those who are worldly start to seek God.

Ultimately, the whole argument boils down to this: Who do we serve, God or man?

We are the masters of our choice. But a wrong move can have great implications on our lives.

Who Do You Serve?



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June 3, 2009 at 1:17 AM

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