Live Well And Stay Well

Everybody is different, and I think a lot of it depends on you.

Some of us are better at thinking logically and creatively. They are able to handle a lot of problems and they always make wise decisions.

Some of us are emotionally stable and mature. They are able to put everything under control and their every presence always makes people more confident, enthusiastic, and competent in accomplishing the tasks given.

Some of us are hard-working and dedicated in everything they do. They are able to concentrate and focus on their tasks and produce quality, innovative, and efficient works.

And many of us are specialists and professionals in our fields of expertise.

Very few of us are very good in everything we think, feel or do.

And there are also those who are not good at all.

Maybe we need to be more observant and inquisitive. We must have the interest to learn and eager to master the various survival and life skills. We must be humble and willing to learn from others. We must learn to take notes and listen well what others have to say.

Many of us only pay attention on the things we like, neglecting everything too easy, too difficult, or too boring. We excel in study and work. We are good in sports and games. But we never like house work, child care, elder care, shopping and marketing, or meal preparation.

Some of us are quite an entertainer in our circles of friends but feel very awkward and downright difficult to deal with strangers and kids.

The worst scenario is when you feel that you are a born loser; nothing you do seems to work. You become pessimistic and cynical, and less confident about the future.

This needs not be so because everyone of us is richly bestowed with many talents.

Maybe we need to pay close attentions on certain life skills to live well and gain the respect and good will of the people around us.

Better still if we humbly pick up other useful skills as soon as we master some.

A man is a man when he takes responsibility for his actions. And the weathered man is the handsomest of all.

Live well and stay well. That's what many of us are learning to do...


  Dorothy L

June 18, 2009 at 7:20 AM

Excellent words of wisdom:)

Only you can control your are as happy as you want to be!
In saying that...negative flames spread like wildfire in a dry forest but so do positive flames:)


June 18, 2009 at 8:09 PM

hi Excellent post....