He Asks When He Doesn't Know

A week ago, my son went for his matriculation course. This was the first time he left home for study. We were worry for him, as he seldom assisted in doing house chores. Nevertheless, he seemed confident to stand on his own using his skills. So we just smiled and bid him goodbye.

The first night, he slept with some friend in a hotel. Nothing much happened except complaining that the trip was tiring.

The next day started his college registration. He arrived early and managed to secure a good room. Then he went around, started making friends and getting comfortable with the surroundings. He only phoned us in the evening. And so began his first problem, "Mom, how do I wash my clothes?" My wife laughed and all of us bursted into laughter, imagining how my bright son who scored straight A1 in his public examination was not able to wash his own clothes. My wife was patient enough to teach him slowly, laughing quietly.

The next few days were okay. He slowly adapting himself to the college life.

Every night he called, complaining about the hot weather.

On the fifth night, he complained to the mother that his body felt very itchy and more pimples popping up on his face. We believed the orientation programs were too packed that he didn't give himself a decent bath. So we advised him to take proper bath and bought himself some suitable lotion and facial cream.

Then today, he again gave us a surprised call, "Mom, how to use the washing machine?" Everyone was again laughing with tears.

But we are proud of our son, he asks when he doesn't know.


  Mr. New Dilemma

May 17, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Wow, so many people have not learned this lesson. So many people have never had any one to turn to and ask these questions. You and your son are fortunate!

Mr. Newdilemma