The Invitation To The Disciples

John 1:38b-39


The two men responded to Jesus’ question, “Rabbi, where are you staying?” This was a telling question. First, they called Him “Rabbi”. This word means “Master”. It was a term of respect. These men held Jesus in high regard.

When they asked Him, “Where are you staying”, they were asking more than just “Where do you live?” They had heard about Jesus and they wanted to know more. They needed to ask Him some questions and hear Him tell them Who He was and why He came. They were requesting an extended interview with Jesus.

Jesus’ response was simple, yet it was profound. He simply said, “Come, and you will see”. This was an invitation for them to examine Jesus for themselves. They had heard about Him from others. Now they were invited to see for themselves.


This invitation still stands! Have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior? Have you responded to His invitation for you to “come and see”? He is still calling those who do not know Him to come to Him for salvation (Rev. 22:17). If you will come when He is calling, you can and will be saved (John 6:37).

It is one thing to hear about Jesus Christ and what He can do. It is another thing altogether to experience Him for yourself and know what He can do in your life.

“Come, and you will see”.


  A Mom

March 21, 2012 at 3:59 AM

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