Accept Our Destiny

"What is yours is yours, what is not yours will never be yours."

This saying is universally known; it is a commonly accepted statement.


So if you love somebody (something), let them go.

If they come back to you, they will be yours forever.

If not, then they are never meant to be yours in the first place.

It doesn't matter how much you love them; love is never possessive and controlling.

It doesn't matter how much you are hurt; love is always desire for the good of others.


There are many things in life that cannot be forced or rushed.

If you think and feel that they are going to leave you, then you must let loose and let them go.

It is after you let them go that you can know whether they really belong to you in the first place.

If they are meant to be yours, no matter how hard you push them away, they will still come back to you. They will stick to you like super glue until you have no more strengths to resist or push them away.

But if they are not meant to be yours, no matter how you guard them and hold them tightly, they will still slip away.

Forcing things together when they don't belong together is a futile effort. You will only be wasting your energy and your time on something that will not work.


They say we must accept our destiny.

Life is tough. Isn't it?

Do you think you will choose to accept your destiny, or you would rather determine and shape your destiny?

Personally, I believe in controlling my destiny under God's direction.

I would advise you to be positive and not to give up hope.

Life is not complicated if you know how to keep it simple.

Have a nice day!