Meet And Make Friends

The easiest people to be with are usually those people who don't talk much.

They are good listeners rather than good talkers.

They don't always seek personal attention.

They rather show keen interest in what we say and do.

They are always ready with sweet and gentle smiles.

They are always sympathetic and empathetic, and very caring and considerate.

They are not hot temper or easily provoked to anger.

They are helpful and friendly; seldom too self-pleasing and self-glorifying.

They are always the kind of people we want to be friends with.


But they can be nasty and mean too, if we don't care to do the same.


Friendship is a mutual caring, intimacy, and shared activity.

Let's learn to be kind and sensitive to our friends' needs if we seek ready companionship.


Backbiting, back talking, backstabbing, etc are never the right ways to make friends.

Be careful to shun from them.