Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 to everyone!

We are commanded to love one another and to fear God. Our mission in life is to seek God, and to love and serve one another. We are to worship God and to love Him, and we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. These are beautiful statements and they are so true. But in reality how many of us have seen them in practice?

The love of God has gone cold in some people and in some places. People don't seem to see the need for God's help and deliverance in their lives. People don't seem to heed God's warnings and admonitions. People don't seem to care about what God wants and they go to great lengths to make excuses to continue their traditions, customs and practices.

Love for people has become a waste of time for some. Today many only care about those who they know and who care about them. Love for strangers and visitors has become an obligation. Love for the less privileged and those in need has gone cold. Love and respect for parents and elders has become thing of the past.

Seasonal festivals are always great gathering events to rekindle, rejuvenate, and deepen the love we share with one another. Maybe we should consider widening our love to reach a higher level of enlightenment, and to embrace many people unconditionally.

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 to everyone!