Women's Role In The Church

1 Timothy 2:9-15 (NIV)

God wants everyone to be saved.

Hypocrisy is a hindrance.

Our message and methods should be in unity.


Paul gave some directions as to women's roles in the church.


First, they need to dress properly.


Paul wanted the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety.


Our clothes must be in harmony with our testimony and our profession of the gospel.

We must also dressed with a sense of honor.


What about makeup, hairstyle, and jewelry?


If we want to adorn ourselves with beauty, let us do it not with sexy clothes, excessive makeup, fanciful hairstyle, or expensive jewelry.

Let us do it with good works and godliness.


As we age, our soft skin will wrinkle.

Our nice shape will fall.

Our outward beauty will diminish.


But if we adorn ourselves with good works and godliness, our beauty will increase as we age.

The more godly of a woman we are, the more attractive we will become.


Secondly, Paul said women should learn in quietness and full submission.


They are to receive instructions in the church.

And if they have questions, they should ask their husbands later, at home.


Paul would not permit women to teach or to assume authority over a man in the church.

Women are forbidden to be the spiritual heads over the men in the church.


Women are free to serve in many areas of the ministry.

But they are not allowed to be pastors and elders.


It was Eve who was deceived by Satan.

Adam was not deceived.

But Adam sacrificed himself.

He knew that he was going to die as a result.

But he loved Eve and was willing to die with her, rather than live without her.


Women can have many other roles in the church.

They can be teachers of children and younger ladies.

It is just that women are banned to teach men or assume authority over men in the church.


Women can teach men in a college class.

They can be an authority in the place of business, etc.


Paul also said that women should continue in faith, love, purity, and self-control.

If they do these, they will be preserved through childbearing.



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