Useful Articles Of Honor

2 Timothy 2:20-26 (NIV)

2:20-21 Articles Of Honor

Paul uses an illustration of the articles in a house.

Inside a house, we have many articles for different purposes.

Some to honor, and some to dishonor.

What makes them honorable or dishonorable?

It is what we choose to do with them and what we put in them.


As Christians, we are articles too.

What we put into ourselves determines what kind of articles we make ourselves.

It is what we let our minds dwell on.

It is what we do with our bodies.


The Lord wants us to be cleansed, so that we can be useful articles for honor.

He wants us to be sanctified.


To be sanctified means to be separated, set aside, for God's use.

We are to be set apart for God's use.

God wants us to live like we are sanctified.


2:22 We Are To Flee From Youthful Lusts

To insure that we are articles for honor, being sanctified, we must flee from the evil desires of youth.

Our flesh lusts after many things.

It sexually craves satisfaction.

It hungrily craves food.

It pridefully craves attention.


If we let our flesh have what it thinks will make it happy, we are going to end up sad.

If we put on Christ, we will be laying aside youthful lusts.

The two are interconnected.

If we pursue righteous things, we will be running from the unrighteous things.

If we are busy about the Lord's business, we are not leaving idle hands for the devil to use.


We are to pursue righteousness with others who have the same desire.

We are to find people who call on the Lord from a pure heart and spend time with them.

We are to have fellowship with other Christians who want to grow just like we do.


2:23 We Are To Refuse Speculations

Everything we need to know pertaining to the Christian life and to be godly is found in God's Word.

There is no need to speculate; it only leads to arguing and division.


2:24-26 We Are To Teach The Word Of God And Be Kind

As the Lord's servants, we are not supposed to be quarrelsome.

We are to teach the Word of God, and be patient with people when they wrong us.

We are to gently correct those who are in opposition.