A Private Room

Do you have a private room to yourself to do what you want? Do you enjoy a private corner where you can work alone?

Some of us enjoyed a private room ever since they were young. They had a room to themselves where they could put all their toys, their collection of books and items of interests and hobbies, their medals and trophies, clothes and shoes, etc. And they would insist that no one was allowed to disturb them, and no intruders without their consent.

Of course, there were those who were not that lucky; they don't have a private space to themselves. Everyone squeezed in a very small room. Here they would eat, play, sleep, and did various other things. But it would still be okay if everyone learned to be kind and respect one another's privacy, and took turn to use the facilities.

Having a private room or a private corner to oneself is really nice. Here we can organize and arrange our workspace the way we want in. We can decorate and equip it with the things we want, And we can work efficiently and effectively.

But as adults, we always give our children their private rooms. Now we have to do our work in the living room. It may be a eating table, or a small desk by the corner of the room.

There will be time when our children will get restless and tired in what they do, and they will come and interrupt our work, disturb our things or ask a lot of questions. To solve the problems, some parents will fulfill their requests, or give them some work to do. And I believe they are doing it right; compromising with our children is a better idea than asking them to keep quiet.

Some of us have our room closed when we don't want to be disturbed; Others will just leave the door opened. It will be good that we ask permission to speak to them before we disturb them. They maybe busy and don't want to be disturb. Failing to do so sometimes create a lot of misunderstandings and arguments.

Do you have a private corner or a private room to do your work? What would you feel if you are disturbed?

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February 11, 2011 at 5:18 PM

I have not had a private room in while because of my circumstances except last month I stayed at a friend's place in Green Bay and had my own room, with an actual closet! It was really nice to be able to lock myself in my room from time to time and to be able to take my close out of my suitcases.
Now I'm back to sharing again and there is no such things as closets here. I can't wait for the time I can have my own place again and maybe settle for at least more than 3 months.


February 12, 2011 at 11:18 AM

So it is nice to have our own private room. For myself, I only have a private place to do my work. But I am happy with it. I think what we need is privacy, a time when we can be freed from all the disturbances.
Thanks, Prisqua


February 14, 2011 at 8:30 AM

happy valentines day!


February 15, 2011 at 12:09 PM

Lee- Happy Velentine's Day to you too. Welcome aboard.