What Would You Do?

You went to your good friend's house. You saw him hitting his son's head with his knuckles because his son couldn't finish his rice. You heard the boy cried, but the father continued to shout, hit and screamed. You immediately interrupted and pulled his son away from him, and you almost received a punch from him.

It was a scary experience. But you had your friend sat down. You friend calmed down slowly, but you could see he was still very angry at his boy. The son had stopping crying fast, afraid of his father, and sitting far away at a dark corner and staring at the floor.

Then your friend related to you his son's story. He was telling you how naughty and troublesome his son was, both at school and at home. He was telling you what the neighbors were talking and complaining about his son; and how his son couldn't even finish his rice when he was working so hard to feed the family. Then you heard him mourned and cried.

His wife came out from the kitchen and greeted you. Then she ordered the boy to take bath and does his homework.

An hour later, while you were sipping a mug of hot coffee with your friend, you heard the boy cried again. This time he was caned on his two legs for not doing his homework.

You looked at your friend. You shook your head. You were unhappy with what you saw. Would you open your mouth and talk about it?

Your friend looked at you, smiling sheepishly, but continued to talk something bad about his son.

Then the boy screamed and cried louder. Your friend immediately stood up. Very fast, you stopped him; you could feel he was getting angry again.

Would you talk to him about his son?

How would you do it?

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January 30, 2011 at 10:18 PM

maybe the fellow is uneducated or very stress ..... can't control himself . or maybe his parents treated him like that before so , he treated same way to his children


January 31, 2011 at 11:26 AM

That is what I am worried about. There will be no end to family violence if the trend continues.