Good Friends Of The Opposite Gender

Everyone has friends. Some very good friends. Some have their best friends of different gender.
I have many friends and many good friends. Surprisingly many of of my best friends are the ladies.
Living is this world without a friend is miserable. So it is unwise to put up a face and keep on blaming others for not befriending you. We really need friends that we can share and we must move out and seek and find them.
You don't need a good look to have friends. What you need is just a caring look and a listening heart. Friends will swarm to you when you care for them and go for them. It is like when you take pictures of the dolphins, they will draw near to you when they hear the click sounds.
I personally don't like to draw crowds to me. I prefer to visit my friends one by one. An eatery outlet will be nice, though I would prefer a quiet corner with less people moving about.
There are always topics to talk about when we are with friends. We don't have to make up topics; we share what is in our mind. You will be surprised how much you can share when you are with the right friends.
With friends we share secrets. But we need to be very careful when we share secrets. I personally don't like to talk about others when I am with my friends. Spreading gossips, backstabbing, and propagating bad thoughts are always not wise to do.
Be very careful when you share. A very good friend can turn into the worst enemy too!
Sometimes friends turn into enemies because of circumstances and situations beyond their controls. When the prizes are few and it is a challenging race, we will tend to give our best to compete and win.
Good friends need not be permanent enemies if they care to understand one another. They can always mend their love and relationship; good friends are for life!
My best friends are mostly of the opposite gender. They are great listeners, sympathizers, analyzers, advisers etc. They can sit for hours beside me and listening to my grumbling and complaining; they are full of passion, fervor, and emotion for me; and they look so calm, kind and peaceful.
And some of my best friends are married and they are good mother and good wife too!
I believe God in His special way sometimes provide us with very good friends beside us to help us and care for us.
Do you have many best friends?
Are they of the same or the opposite gender?


  Con Artist Trickster

January 9, 2011 at 3:01 PM

I could count my best friends with the fingers in my hands. But they're the best and truest friends I've ever have. And in this case, I'll say that the quality matters more than quantity.

January 10, 2011 at 5:47 AM

I agree with you. Some people have many good friends but remain lonely while others are enjoying their life with the very few friends they have. Sometimes people can stare at the wrong tree too. lol