Enjoy The joy Of Losing

When I was young, I enjoyed winning. I found great joy and satisfaction in winning a game, a match, a competition or a race. I would tried my very best to win. Winning had become very much a part of me.

I felt sad and hurt whenever I lost. I blamed myself for not putting enough attention and effort; I blamed others for not helping or not playing according to the rules.

I was not ready to lose; I was not pleased at all; and I couldn't bear the thoughts and feelings of losing. Losing could never be a part of my life.

Over the years, time and again, I experienced failures and setbacks. Initially the thoughts and feelings were really bad. I refused to admit defeat or accept failure. No. Losing was not a part of me. I succumbed to bad attitudes and bad habits, hurting myself and others.

I realized at last I couldn't win every time. Somehow others would overtake me and win. Eventually I resigned and was contented with what I was.

Then I began to develop the desire to see my family, relatives and friends win; I wanted everyone close to me to win and continue to win. I began to be a faithful and helpful supporter to them. It was fun and very satisfying to see our loved ones won. I finally admitted defeat; losing had definitely become a part of me and I wouldn't mind losing.

The Lord God has commanded His people to love one another. It doesn't matter whether they are good or bad; we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is not easy and it will never be easy.

Life is filled with many winning and losing experiences. The winning memories bring us joy and happiness. The losing experiences may appear undesirable at first glance, nevertheless they are humbling and beneficial experiences.

One thing I discover: life doesn't always revolve around us. With time, somehow others will overtake us and win and win. It may be our children, our relatives and friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, our enemies.... It doesn't matter. Now we have to admit defeats more than before.

Losing can and will become a major part of our life; the important question is how we are to deal with it.

Eventually we will have to resign and begin to see and enjoy the joy of losing.



September 23, 2010 at 9:03 PM

Like you, I had to learn that winning everything was not the most important part of life.


September 24, 2010 at 5:33 PM

yah, winnning is not good enough, u should accept failure or else u will disappoint and frustrate..some even landed in death. because they cant accept.