The Deteriorating Results

The educational officers came, greeting the principal and the teachers with a nice broad smile, and shaking everyone's hand. Then they sat down in a round conference table.

Everyone dutifully sat down and the meeting began.

The school presented the students' progress report using LCD.

The educational officers listened carefully, examined every single detail, and jotted down their findings.

Then they looked at one another, shaking their heads and sighing repeatedly.

Everyone turned their heads to them, concerned and worried.

Using a red laser light beam, the chief of them pointed out the downward trends of some important subjects, fiercely stared at the teachers concerned and cried, “Look at these deteriorating mid-year results. Are you not worried?”

Fear, uneasiness, and worry sank in. The atmosphere was not pleasant as before and the dragging time didn’t improve it. For almost 10 minutes it was an uncomfortable and tense silence. Some were nodding their heads in recognition and agreement; some spoke grudgingly but softly behind.

Then one of the head teachers answered, “We were having these trends for the past few years. But in the real public exam, the passing percentages were high.” Many teachers nodded their heads in agreement.

The education officer continued, “I’m not talking about the public exam. I’m talking about what are the steps taken in view of these deteriorating results.”

The silence continued so long.

Then the principal broke the ice by elaborating on what the education officer wanted.

The meeting ended admirably. Steps were taken and more programs were carried out.

Now there would be more study guides and exam packages, and more students’ progress reports.

The public exam is drawing near.

The teachers are busy.

And now more busy.

Will the students improve?

Wait and see.


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