When Emotions Come Loose

Humans are rational beings and emotional beings. We want to do things logically, strategically, and tactically. And we are filled with emotions, feelings, passion and fire in everything we do.

Emotion is something that we have to deal with every day of our lives. And emotions or feelings are especially powerful in controlling our lives if we allow them to.

But emotions or feelings are not bad in and of themselves. The problem is we ourselves, because not everything we feel is always right or proper.

We must check our emotions to ensure that we are not being led astray by our feelings. It is dangerous when emotions come loose. Young girls give up their purity because they are lost in a sea of emotions. Men abandon their families because they get caught up in emotions. Families are ripped apart because people allow emotions like anger, bitterness and resentment to control them.

Managing and controlling our emotions is very important to our daily lives.

Some of us have problems visiting new places and meeting new people. We are fearful and worried; we feel apprehended and anxious; we just don’t know what to do next and we are so scared.

Some fears come because of our guilt. Somehow we have wrong someone or do something bad to someone before. By right we should apologize and make amend, but we don’t an we wouldn't. And now our guilt is eating us up and haunting us, and we feel awkward and uncomfortable whenever we meet.

Sometimes we are overcome by our emotions and we break down and weep. Sometimes, fear, anger, joy, and all the other emotions pile up in our hearts until we can hold them no more and there must be an outlet. There are times when people just have to go to a place where they breakdown and cry.

There is no shame in being overwhelmed by our circumstances. When a loved one is taken by death, when disease rears its ugly head, when our family is ripped apart, or when our heart is broken, it is easy to be overwhelmed and overcome.

Not many people understand or acknowledge our pain; sometimes they rebuke us. Sometimes they tell us to snap out of it and get over it. Not many will stand by us and comfort us. Not many will help us get through it! Of course, I am not saying that we should condone people wallowing in self-pity. But sometimes life hurts, and when it does, it’s okay to break down and cry.

Family gatherings and reunions always bring along a sea of emotions. Here, we talk about old times and relate to one another in love and care. Here we laugh and cry and sing and dance. A merry heart does good like a medicine, brightens the countenance, cheer us up, make us chuckle, and remind us that we are never alone.

A life immersed in love, peace, joy, harmony and wisdom is what we need in the sea of emotions.

But it is never easy to deal with when emotions come loose.......