When The Dark Is Not Dark

It was really dark and I was feeling alone.

Everyone had gone to bed; some were snoring.

There was no noise and sound outside except for the rain and cold.

Occasionally I saw flashes of lightning and heard thunder.

It would be raining and cold throughout the night, I told myself.

Looking around at my house, sometimes I did feel it was too big.

It was a double storey terrace house for the 5 of us.

Now 2 have proceeded to further their studies, the house looks rather empty.......

Sometimes I just sit down and look around, not knowing what to do.

Some motivations and positive feelings may help, I told myself, or some walking exercises and outdoor activities to fill the time.

Oh! How I miss gardening, now that the backyard is cemented.

Yes, a family meal together somewhere will be nice; we just need to confide to one another sometimes.

But at the end of the day when the lights are off, again we can feel the loneliness.

Yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder.......

Oh! How I miss my children.


Alone in the dark is never pleasant.

And who really like the dark of night?

And sleepless night in the dark, and that was what I was.

But there is always the Almighty God to confide, I told myself.

Dark is not dark after all; the night can be as bright as day.


But loneliness is dark and cold.

Sometimes people just don’t understand it.

But when the dark is gone, the day will come, I told myself and dozed to sleep.