A Young Man's Dream

I was sipping a cup of coffee in an eatery shop when I heard a voice coming from behind.

"Teacher, do you still remember me?"

I turned to my back and saw a familiar face.

I think I know him. He was definitely an ex-student of my school, I quietly told myself.

I tried to think harder but I just couldn't remember his name. And I couldn't remember teaching him either. But I had definitely talked to him before, and had also given him some counsel. Was it during relief classes? Or casual chatting along the school corridors? Or was it during the sport meets? I couldn't remember. But I definitely knew him. He looked very familiar.

"Yeah, I do remember you. You must be my student." Confidently I told him while pointing at him. Then I shook his hands, squeezed a little as I normally did to all my friends.

I examined him while patting his left shoulder. He was tall, dark and handsome, and rather muscular with big palms. He reminded me of my younger days when I was working in a hardware shop cutting aluminium sheets and carrying bags of nuts and bolts. But he definitely looked stronger, darker, and fitter.

He gave me a broad and confidently smile in return. But he looked stern with penetrating eyes. This young man had the look of a seasoned warrior. He might have been working very hard in difficult places, I told myself. But I could see a tint of sadness in his eyes, like those who were tired of wandering in far away places.

He told me that he had been working in Singapore for two years and now he was back for good. He was taking over this eatery outlet from his mother. He had just got married and it was good to start a family business instead of roaming aimlessly around streets and corners.

I made a survey of the eatery shop. I remembered it as a quiet corner shop. But it was always teeming with customers. Business here must have been good.

I examined the young man again. This young man had an ambitious look, definitely farsighted, full of energy and seemed to me rather thoughtful young man. He must have great visions and goals. It might have been his tough, outdoor and physically demanding job in Singapore.

The young man told me about his intention to buy the shop instead of renting it. But the present owner was unwilling to sell.

I took a good look at him. He looked very sincere. He was definitely not joking. Deep in my heart, I was very pleased with this young people.

I looked at my children. I hoped they could learned from this young man. It was not easy for a young man to start a business venture. But this young man braved himself and took up the challenge.

No more careless spending, no more half-hearted working, no more mumbling and complaining........ Time to work hard for the family. Time to provide for the needs of everyone in the family.

I returned to my coffee and enjoyed myself seeing the big crowd coming and going. The shop was really packed with people. There were some customers waiting outside for their turn. Business was really good.

I slowly enjoyed eating my roasted chicken rice, peeping at the young man who continued to give his full attention entertaining his customers. Yeah, this young man could go far. I told myself.

Then the young man came and patted me from behind.

"Teacher, this meal is on me."

I looked at him, really pleased and thanked him with a rather broad smile. Wow! The young man was awesome. He knew just how to draw his customers back to him. I quietly told myself to come again. No...no.... not for the free meal. This young man knew something. He knew how to throw a longer line to catch a bigger fish. Yeah, he would definitely go far.

It was a good day and a good meal, and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

I had seen a young man of great vision........

I had seen a young man of great mission........

And I had seen a young man of great determination........

.......Very single-minded, single-hearted, single-sighted, single-willed.......

Yeah! He would definitely go far.

Bravo, my friend. Well done.



February 20, 2010 at 11:24 PM

I keep coming back to your site and have read this story two times now - each time it has made me smile. I wanted to let you know that i love finding great inspirational blogs with cute stories like this and good original content. Keep up the good work


February 24, 2010 at 1:02 AM

This was a inspiring and motivating story! Thanks for sharing it with us.


February 24, 2010 at 1:13 AM

I hope you passed this story on to him. Even though he is strong and determined, any bit of encouragement and recognition helps.