Have Love Will Travel

A Tortoise agreed to a foot race with a Rabbit.

The Rabbit ran fast and looked back where the Tortoise was.

"It's definitely no match," the Rabbit said to itself.

The Rabbit continued to run, but taking some sweet time doing something else.

The Tortoise walked slowly and carefully.

A Snail appeared.

The Tortoise said to the Snail, "Hop on my back. I will give you a lift."

Then an Ant appeared.

The Tortoise said to the Ant, "Hop on my back. I will give you a lift."

The Snail told the Ant, "Hold tight. This Tortoise runs very fast."



A young boy was on his own running to a shopping mall.

The father followed closely behind, holding his cigarette.

The mother was carefully helping and supporting her mother-in-law who was 80 years old.

They were a distant apart from the young boy and his father.

The young boy grumbled, so was the father.


The young boy was very inquisitive and curious about life.

He wanted to discover fast and find easy solutions to everything he learned.

The father was deep in thoughts, with many dreams and visions and goals for himself and his family.

Knowledge and wisdom wouldn't wait that long....

Fame and celebrity status were at hand....

Opportunity came.... and went in no time.......

Wealth and riches came.... but slipped away so easily....

The notions of self-determination, self-regulation, self-organization, self-empowerment, self-sacrifice, self-sufficiency, self-satisfaction, self-serving, self-pleasing, self-appreciation, self-defense, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-actualization...... seemed so commonplace to his understanding of the universe and they occupy so very much of him....

The mother was deeply concerned about her family.

She loved the son and was happy how he had grown.

She loved her husband who worked very hard for the family.

She loved her mother-in-law who was now old.

She was married for the welfare of her family.


The old woman died....

They all cried....

The old woman died with tears of smile... she had a wonderful daughter-in-law.

The young mother cried, with tears of satisfaction in her eyes... she had taken good care of the mother.

The young father cried, with tears of the remembrances and regrets.... he had not spent many moments and events with his own mother.

The young boy cried, with tears of sadness and anger.... he lost part of his wonderful supporting system.


The young mother had many sweet dreams of her mother-in-law....

The young father had many nightmares and bad dreams, filled with his regret and inexpiable guilt at his treatment of his own mother....

The young boy had many sleepless nights, wanting and waiting for the wonderful stories and tales of his grandmother.


The Rabbit reached his destination and won the race.

Not many people clapped.

The Tortoise came at last with the Snail and the Ant.

Everyone, including the Rabbit, cheered, yelled, screamed, applauded, whistled, waved....

Then the celebration and the happy endings.


The Tortoise went home satisfied and contented.

... for helping the Rabbit wins the race.......

... for helping the Snail and the Ant in needs.......

... for helping others to see the simple truth in everyday life.......

America's Got Talent.......

America's Also Got LOVE.......

"Have Love Will Travel" - Isn't it?

P/S The old woman was my late mother... and I miss her........



February 6, 2010 at 5:07 AM

These made me sad!! :( I am sorry about your Mom :( But you always have her in your heart!


February 7, 2010 at 9:31 PM

These are very powerful and emotional images.


February 7, 2010 at 9:56 PM

Interesting and a little different slant on the old story. Popping inn to remind you to claim and pass along your award.

Have a super day
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