Playing Supporting Roles

Everyone needs support system.

The little children rely on their parents for everything.

But as they grow, they become more mature and self-dependent, and love to do things on their own. Nevertheless they will fall back on their parents when the going gets tough and the money gets tight.

The little students depend on their teachers for everything.

But as they develop, they become more capable and self-reliant, and love to do works on their own. Nevertheless they will come back to the teachers when the problems become more and more demanding and less familiar.

Younger people need a lot of care, attention, guidance, support and encouragement.

It is good to see and monitor how they grow and mature. And as parents we want them to outshine us and live a more fulfilling life. As parents we also want them not to make the same mistakes and errors that we ourselves have done.

Some of us parents refuse to let our little children grow. As a result, they are so dependent on us for their livelihood even after they have grown and developed. Some of us children still very much dependent on our old parents... to our very shame....

Some of us teachers fail to let out students self-develop their learning skills. We teach them using the same methods and strategies all over again. As a result, teacher-centered teaching and learning still abound everywhere, and many students do not have the opportunity, freedom and choice to develop, to explore and to discover, to attempt and to do things in newer and better ways.....

As we know, life is a journey of experimentation, exploration and discoveries.

We may be smarter and know better than our children and students, but we are not to mold them according to our wish, our ideal, our hope, our name them....

Let's spur them on to progress and development... let's lead, guide and motivate them for greater and continuing success..... Let's learn to understand and support them in their visions and dreams to build a better tomorrow....

They are our futures and the futures of the world.

And we are their support system....playing supporting roles.


  Job Review

December 9, 2009 at 11:45 PM

nice post my friends


December 10, 2009 at 8:36 AM

so true. Thanks for this nice post.

  Pilosopong Noypi

December 12, 2009 at 3:11 PM

your right..