Are We Good Friends?

Everyone yearns to find good friends.

Not many of us can live in this world without talking to a soul, more so to a good soul who has so much to give and love.

It will be unthinkable and unbearable to live alone in remote land with no one to talk to.

I respect those highlanders and seafarers who are always lonesome.

I respect those soldier, border scouts and other enforcement officers who have to carry out dangerous missions in far away land.

But I know deep inside they are men like me, seeking for their good friends.....

Yah, Good friends are a wonderful thing to have.

Good friends share thoughts, feelings and actions together.

They look for mutual edification and enrichment.

They seek to promote mutual respect and understanding.

They foster mutual interests and tolerance.


Good friends don't hurt one another for fun.

They don't speak carelessly and make irresponsible remarks about others' private lives.

They don't spread rumors and gossips.


Good friends are difficult to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.

They are to be treasured, and good friendships are to be nurtured!

Don't be afraid to reach out to others.....

The best way to find good friends is to be a good friend yourself.

Are we good friends?