River Of Life

I love to sit on the river bank and stare down at the water. To me, the never-ending river brings me peace, joy, and love. The river also teach me patience and hope.

No matter how we stir up the water, the river never ceases to calm down and continues its flow. Nothing seems to disrupt its journey. Even if we build a dam to contain it, it seeks to calm down and remain unperturbed, and continue to flow if an outlet is found.

The river continues to be a fountain of love. All things thrive well when they come near the river. No matter how arid is the place and how scorching is the heat, the river remains a blessing to all.

Oh, how I desire to have the peace, the joy, the love, and the patience like the river.

Let us also be a people of hope, doing things constructive and beneficial to ourselves and others.

May the Lord God continues to be gracious and merciful to us all in this New Year 2009.