Open my eyes that I may see

Then Moses said, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight.” —Exodus 3:3

In the midst of our busyness and stresses, we often miss the patches of beauty all around us. 

We are preoccupied with our things, and forget the glimpses of God's goodness we caught here and there along the way. 

As a result, we lost the opportunity to worship God, to praise Him and thank Him.

The universe displays tha glory of God.

If only we will take the time to stop and reflect upon God's love for us.

Moses took notice of the burning bush that was not consumed.

If Moses had taken only a fleeting glance, if he had ignored it and hurried on to other things, he would have missed a life-changing encounter with the living God.

Our lives should be less hurrying and more noticing. 

Our lives should be less self-occupying and self-pleasing. 

We should learn to take note of the things around us and see God's hand in them. 

We should learn to see God's glory, His loving care, His knowledge and wisdom, His longsuffering etc. 

O Lord, open our eyes that we may see.