Pressure Lamp

Some old story ---

I wonder if you still use pressure lamp in your home today. Most of us don't do it anymore. We rely too heavily on electricity today.

I had it back in my childhood years. It was always a delight to have a bright light all over the house at night.

As a young adult, I was promoted and given the responsibility to light the pressure lamp every evening. It was an honor I greatly appreciated until today.

But it wasn't easy to master the basic skills. I was sweating all over before I saw my first gas mantle light.

The tank had to be 3/4 full with kerosene, giving enough space for air. The fuel cap and the pressure relief valve were then closed. Then came the pumping of air into the tank with full strokes, the part I really enjoyed and sweated a lot. LOL.

Then the spirit cup was filled with alcohol. The fuel was lit in the cup through a round hole on the bottom part of the lantern. The pressure knob was turned on and the mantle getting brighter. Wow! Such bright light! It was wonderful!

But one thing I disliked: I never enjoyed installing a new mantle when the old one is worn-out or torn. And I still do!

The pressure lamp lit up the big house.

As school children, we did our homework and studied. The adults did what they had to do softly, not willing to disturb the peace and serenity of the night.

The pressure lamp often brought the family together. We enjoyed one another's company.

And it was fun and joy with unspoiled happiness during festivals and celebrations. We sang, we laughed heartily, we danced, we ate.... etc again and again. The pressure lamp brought us together with so much happiness, caringness, freshness, passion, love... No ipad, no iphone, no tablet, no computer, no video game, no TV... Just a transistor radio with dry cells under the bright light of the old pressure lamp...