The Living Stones

1 Peter 2:5

…now God is building you,
as living stones into his spiritual temple.
What’s more, you are God’s holy priests,
who offer the spiritual sacrifices
that please him because of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of our lives is not to maximize our potential. So few people actually get the opportunity to do so! Many who, because of Christianity, are denied access to education, or are barred from developing promising careers.

The purpose of our lives is the sacrifice of our lives.

God makes each life that is yielded to Him a living stone in building His temple. That’s why we are alive. That’s the purpose of it all. We are all made to become a stone in His spiritual temple, His eternal kingdom. And everybody gets the opportunity to become a “living stone” just by virtue of giving our lives to Him.

And we are priests because we offer a sacrifice.

That sacrifice is the only one we can make — that of our lives.

And so we find the purpose for which God made the world — to build a kingdom of worshippers for Himself.

No one wastes their life who gives it to Jesus. They are placed into an eternal structure — the kingdom of God, and will rejoice forever in that status. No one goes unfulfilled because God builds His kingdom on our sacrifices, not on our achievements.

Let us be the “living stones” for God and offer Him the sacrifice of our lives.

Thank You Lord that
I don’t need to spend my life
seeking fulfillment other than in You!