Othniel, The Lion Of God

Judges 3:1-11

Israel refused to walk with the Lord like He commanded them to.

God refused to drive out all their enemies in the land of Canaan.

Thus, Israel was forced to live alongside the very people they had been sent to destroy.


Judges 1: 1-4 told us the reasons why God left the people in the land:

  • He left them there to test the people of Israel.

    The people of Israel were tested to see how they would live when surrounded by the wicked.

    The people of Israel were tested to see if they would keep God's commandments or not.

    They failed the test!
  • He left them there to teach the new generations about spiritual warfare.

    God wanted them to learn the lessons of battle their fathers had known.

    God wanted them to be strong and to know how to fight the enemy when he came around.

    They failed this test too!


It wasn't long until this caused some serious problems among the people of Israel.


Israel proved that they could not be trusted to stand up against the enemy.

They proved that they would rather join the enemy than fight them.


God delivered Israel from a time of cruel bondage by raising up Othniel.

His name means "The Lion Of God".

He was a man who lived up to his name.

Othniel was the first Judge in Israel!