A Nation Maimed By Grim Consequences

Judges 2: 1-23

Because of their sin, the nation of Israel faced God’s judgment.

They Endured A Divine Sentence (Judges 2:2-3). God vowed to remove His protecting hand from Israel. He would allow the Canaanites they had compromised with to be a thorn in the side of Israel. He would allow the false gods of Canaan to be a snare to them.

They Expressed Deep Sorrow (Judges 2:4-5). They called on the Lord because of their sins.

They Evidenced Deepening Sin (2:6-15). The day came when Israel totally walked away from God (2:11-15). Their compromise was transformed into wholesale sin and total disregard for the Word or will of God. For this, Israel paid a terrible price. Judgment came and they suffered the awesome wrath of a holy God.

In spite of their failures, God still sent them men to lead them and speak to them.

Sometimes they listened, sometimes they did not.

God continued to be patient and loving.

He continued to give them every chance to set things right.