No One Wants To Go To Hell

Mark 9:43-48

Hell is real!

There is a literal place called Hell.


It is a place of eternal punishment for Satan and his followers.

Everyone who rejects God’s plan of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ will go there.


Hell is awful because of the damnation.

Lost men are condemned by God already.


Sadly, many do not know they are separated from God.

They are blind to their own spiritual condition.

They are dead and do not sense God or know Him.

They cannot see the glories of God revealed in the world.

They cannot see the glories through the Lord Jesus Christ.


They are separated from the Lord Jesus Christ.

But they do not know it and they do not see the need to come to Him.


Hell is awful because of the duration.

Many believe that Hell is real.

But they think that it will be short in its duration.

They believe that those thrown into Hell will burn up quickly and be gone.

If that were true, then Hell may be tolerated.

But Hell is real and Hell is eternal.


Hell is awful because of the torments.

It is a place of unquenchable fire and worms that do not die.

It is a place of intense and unsatisfied thirst.

It is a place of misery and pain.

It is a place of eternal separation from everything beautiful.

It is a place of undiluted wrath of God!


The way to avoid Hell is to entering into life.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.


We are to enter into a faith relationship with Him.

We are to put our faith in Him.

We are to believe that He had died on the cross and rose again from the dead.

We are to take radical steps to make a break with our past life.

We are to deal with our pride and humble ourselves before the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are to break off relationships with certain friends and associates.

Whatever it is in life that would prevent us from being saved, we must cut it out of our life so that we can get to God!


Some people will give their lives for the glory of God.

These are the people who know the Lord Jesus Christ and are headed to His heaven!


Others will continue to sacrifice their lives for sin.

These are the ones who will go to Hell.

Which group do you belong?