Working For An Organization

Many of us have been in our profession for years. We are old and experienced people who know almost everything that we are to do in our organization.

Some of us have become valuable assets of our organization. We have been entrusted with many difficult tasks, and we are proud of ourselves and our achievements.

Every now and then, our organization is faced with people coming and leaving.

Some of our old friends have left the profession because of age limit, terminal illnesses or self will. We miss them and often talk of them every now and then, but there is nothing we can do to stop it; every beginning will have its end.

Then, we have the young and energetic people who have just joined the organization. We love their energy, their passion, their fearlessness and their faith. They are young and vibrant, but we are suspicious as to how much they know and what they can do, and how good they are in following instructions.

Some of us cannot tolerate the young people in our midst; we like to talk about them, and often we criticize and talk bad about them.

Some of us would say it is okay and it is a common practice; that the younger generation must learn to submit to the elders in the organization.

Some of us love to talk about commitment to the organization; others may prefer to concentrate on our own works in the organization; still others, commitment to nothing at all, and just do what we are told and wait for payday.

Every organization has many people with different personality and commitment. How far and good the organization could function would very much depend on the willingness and the ability of its people to work together as one.

How nice it would be if everyone can work 100% for the organization!



June 27, 2011 at 2:08 PM

Even though I'm still a student, I keep hearing about work and colleagues in my family and sometimes I feel very bad when I hear people who have absolutely no commitment to their work, especially in the government service!!

How I wish people were more sincere!