Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year fell on 8th of May. It was indeed a great day to remember the dedications and sacrifices of our dear mothers. I don't know who was the founder of Mother's Day; but whoever he or she was, he or she had indeed done a great job, and for a worthy cause, and I felt thankful and indebted to him or her.

My mother passed away 3 years ago; but the remembrance of her in our conversations often brought tears of joy and sadness to us. As we thought and shared the many sweet and bitter moments of our lives, we couldn't help but recalling and mentioning her great love and sacrifices for her dear children.

A mother's love is like God's love.

She loves her children more than her life.

Oh! Who can really understand a mothers heart!

A mother's heart is torn...

When she sees her children suffer, and she is unable to do anything.

When she sees her children cry in pain and she is unable to comfort them.

A mother is a gift from God, sent from above.

A mother's love is too great to comprehend; having a mother is a blessing too beautiful for words.

When did you last see your mother?

Have you asked yourself... When did you last said... Happy Mother's Day...

To all the dear mothers of the world:

Happy Mother's Day.