Peace Like A River

It was late afternoon when my son emails me regarding his problems. These are problems related to his study, his college, and some relationship issues.

I studied through the problems, analyzed them, and offered him some tips and advice; I am concerned and worried that negativity and fear may bog him down. It isn’t easy for a young man to deal and resolve problems on his own; he may easily be overwhelmed and frustrated.

My suggestion to him is to be single-minded and single-hearted in his pursuit.

Every problem, big or small, needs to be laid out, scrutinize, analyze, attempt, and solve. It isn’t easy, but becomes easier with time and practice.

But there are problems that are difficult to define objectively and accurately, and almost impossible to interpret and solve. What we have to do is to have an overview of the situation, seeing things from a wider and deeper perspective, and not too eager and hasty in solving and mitigating the problems.

And there are problems that are best left with God; only Him can and will make them clear to us and teach us what to do next.

I sympathize with my son but I can’t solve many of his problems. I can only tell him how I solved many of the similar problems that I personally had faced. My heart cries and yearns to help but he has to tackle things on his own. I can only watch from afar everything that happens. It isn’t easy and isn’t easier for him.

If only we have peace like a river in our soul.......



July 29, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Im' sure seeing you empathize and support him with his problem already gave him strength.