Building Up Ourselves

Building up Lego blocks to match each frame seems easy to many of us. But to children, it requires patience and skill, and a wide range of learning processes.

When it comes to building up relationships, many of us have a hard time getting ourselves into the game compare to youngsters and teenagers or compare to the time when we are younger.

In fact, building up wisdom and knowledge among those with unpolluted mind, unselfish heart, and supportive will is always easier and better than teaching those having a certain mindset, a rebellious heart and a stubborn will.

When we are building up Lego blocks, we can always dismantle everything and start all over again.

But when we start building up our career, our relationship, our family, our life....., we can't.

We can only mend our way, correct and improve ourselves...

But we can never restart or start all over again....

Instead, our every decision or action continues to leave behind feelings of regrets, disappointments, guilt, fear, indecision, and .... to ourselves and others.

Sometimes I wonder whether this is the main reason why we hesitate and avoid to accept more people as friends or partners....

Oh! How careful and sensitive we must be when building up ourselves.... and others....



January 23, 2010 at 4:23 AM

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