Everyone loves good food.

Some enjoy eating by the roadside. You can eat and drink fast and continue your journey, or you can take your sweet time enjoying your food hunt. It has its own thrills. But it also exposes you to the risk of unhygienic food. Besides, the narrowed road with the continuous flow of traffic can be risky.

Some enjoy eating in a food stall, situated everywhere. Sometimes you can see them near the riverside, the pond, the garden, the grave or the temple. There are varieties of delicious food and drinks. You can watch and hear people talking aloud on current issues, ideas, and controversies, or some wonderful jokes, humors, legends and folk tales. You can see people arguing, laughing, walking about, and busy doing their daily activities. Everything seems to be so alive here.

Some enjoy eating in a quiet, peaceful, comfortable and distraction-free environment. It allows them to relax and focus on the process of eating. They take their sweet time eating, reading, thinking, discussing and relaxing. It can be a very wonderful experience especially after a hard day work with tight schedule, or a stressful time with difficult problems and worries.

I enjoy all three... as long as there are good food around.

And I wouldn't mind to pay more...after a hard day work. LOL