You Determine Your Future

Once upon a time, there was a general who was leading his army into battle against an enemy ten times the size of his own. Along the way to the battlefield, the troops stopped by a small temple to pray for victory.

The general held up a coin and told his troops, "I am going to implore the gods to help us crush our enemy. If this coin lands with the heads on top, we will win. If it is tails, we will lose. Our fate is in the hands of the gods. Let's pray wholeheartedly."

After a short prayer, the general tossed the coin. It landed with the heads on top. The troops were overjoyed and went into the battle with high spirits. Just as predicted, the smaller army won the battle. The soldiers were exalted, "It's good to have the gods on our side! No one can change what they have determined."

The general smile to himself – both sides of the coin were heads.

Lessons :
  • Positive attitude helps us cope more easily our daily life. It brings optimism into our life, and makes us easier to avoid worry and negative thinking.
  • Positive attitude brings constructive changes into our life, and makes us happier, brighter and more successful.
  • Positive attitude makes us see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen.

Make it your new year's resolution to have a more positive outlook in life.

May God bless you...



December 22, 2008 at 9:33 AM

I need a two-headed coin.